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Social segregation instigates suicide

Mekhla Sarkar  Life can seem meaningless and a burden at times. One may feel there is no reason to live. The life ahead scares us. Many think to end their life at such difficult times as if death is the only solution to get rid of all the problems. Our collective effort can stop the tendency of committing suicide. International ... Read More »

We want polls under a credible govt: Kamal

Mizanur Rahman Khan  Political crisis like the one currently facing Bangladesh has ruined some strong nations, eminent jurist and one of the framers of the constitution Kamal Hossain has said. He called the announcement to form an election-time government in October a farcical statement and also questioned the legitimacy of the government. He labelled the recent civic elections as farce, ... Read More »

One divorce per hour in Dhaka

Mansura Hossain and Sujan Ghose Meherunnesa’s (pseudonym) husband started mentally and physically abusing her for dowry a few months into their marriage that took place in 2014. She was even subjected to torture in front of her child. Things worsened last year and Meherunnesa, with the permission of her parents, filed for divorce on 21 July. Like her, as many ... Read More »

Islamic Banking and Finance: Outcomes in Bangladesh

Chowdhury Mokimuddin KJ Ali & Md. Mamonor Rashid The maturity of Islamic banking has been incomparable as ‘no other financial industry, market or jurisdiction in the last decade has witnessed the staggering financial engineering and innovation as the Islamic finance industry. Statistically Islamic banking has had phenomenal growth, according to the Asian Banker Research Group, the world’s 100 largest Islamic ... Read More »

Freedom of Expression and Right to Information: Empowerment of Common People through Right to Information Act 2009

Chowdhury Mokimuddin KJ Ali & Md. Mamonor Rashid  The rights to think and speak openly is an imperative issue, access information and hold the powers that be to account, together play a crucial character in the vigorous improvement process of any society. If people cannot explore efficiently their ideas, views, worries and needs, they are often debarred from the momentous ... Read More »

Marital Rape: Heartless Sadism

S.M. Tasmirul Islam If a wife got injured by her husband from sexual abuses, she can’t file any case against her husband for hurt or grievous hurt under The Penal Code -1860 because of  the ‘indemnity of the Husband’. When the marriage gets validity by free consent then how the sexual intercourses get legitimacy without free consent? If we feel hesitation ... Read More »

Third Party Funding: The Emerging facet and new Invention in International Commercial Arbitration

 Md. Mamonor Rashid International commercial arbitration is the mechanism toward settling business disputes between or among transnational parties instead of through the courts. 2017 was a bustling year for International commercial arbitration. Taking a walk down memory lane, it was observed innovative contestants and freshbusiness entityinflowing the game, institutions implementing and allowing new regulations and policies, and have had some ... Read More »

The Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits: Is it time for a revision of UCP 600?

Md. Mamonor Rashid                                      The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) introduced the Uniform Customs and Practice (UCP) for Documentary Credits in 1933 with UCP 82, in order to alleviate the disparity between national rules on letter of credit practice. Further revisions occurred in ... Read More »

The advantages of arbitration over litigation: An application to franchise contract

Md. Kamrul Islam Arbitration has been part of a dispute resolution landscape for a long time. It is frequently used by parties to franchise agreements who want to craft their own private manner of resolving any dispute between them. Arbitration is a binding legal process by which parties have, by written agreement, submitted a dispute between them to be resolved ... Read More »

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (Draft) Act 2017: Critical Analysis

Md. Mamonor Rashid The Road transport Act is needed for making the motor vehicles and road transport system planned, technology-based, environment-friendly and efficient. Recently on 27 March 2017, the cabinet has approved in principle the draft of the Road Transport Act. Under objectives of the bill, the role Bangladesh Road Transport Authority is important for bringing discipline in road transport ... Read More »