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Gold costs decay by Tk 1,225 for every bhori

Gold costs have been decreased by Tk 1,225 for every bhori (11.664 gram) in the neighborhood markest inside of a month they were brought up in mid-October.


Bangladesh Jewelers Samity (BAJUS), in a public statement, said the new rates, which will come to impact from Monday, have been settled to conform the costs with that of the worldwide markets.

Prior on October 17, gold costs were expanded in nearby market by Tk 1,500 a bhori.

From Monday, each bhori of 22-carat (11.664 gram) gold will cost Tk 42,515 o – a Tk 1,225 down from that of past value Tk 43,740 for every bhori.

A bhori of 21-carat gold will cost Tk 40,415 and 18-carat gold Tk 33,767.

Gold, which is sold in customary strategy, will be accessible at Tk 22,686 for every bhori from Monday – down from that past cost at Tk 23,911.

Silver costs have likewise been sliced by Tk 58 for every bhori. Each bhori will now be accessible at Tk 933, which was at Tk 991 befor

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