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Kamaruzzaman’s review petition is to file tomorrow


Denounced war criminal Muhammad Kamaruzzaman will record audit appeal with the Supreme Court tomorrow against its decision that maintained his capital punishment.
Advocate Shishir Manir advised this to media after he alongside four different legal advisors held a 30-moment meeting with Kamaruzzaman at Dhaka Central Jail in the morning that began at 11:10am.

Kamaruzzaman, senior associate secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami, will choose whether he will look for presidential leniency in the wake of counseling his attorney if his audit request is rejected, Shishir said citing his customer.

Amid the meeting, Kamaruzzaman guaranteed himself to be pure saying he was not included in any wartime offenses named against him cited Shishir Manir.

Kamaruzzaman trusted that he will get equity in the audit request, the legal counselor said including his customer was rationally and physically well.

Four different legal advisors who met with Kamaruzzaman are – Tajul Islam, Ehsan A Siddique, Najibur Rahman and Matiur Rahman Akond.

The jail powers read out Kamaruzzaman’s passing warrant to him on February 19, the day International Crimes Tribunal-2 issued the warrant. The Supreme Court discharged the decision’s full content on the earlier day.

Source:Daily Star

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