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Tangail-4 Election put off

The Supreme Court (SC) has delayed the Tangail-4 Election

Equity Syed Mahmud Hossain, Chamber Judge of the Appellate Division, passed the request taking after the knowing about a request recorded by the Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday twelve.


Prior, on October 25, The Election Commision (EC) documented a request looking for remain focused High Court’s (HC) request.

In the interim, on October 21, the HC seat of Vacation Chamber Judge containing Justice Miftah uddin Chowdhury and Justice Kazi Md. Izarul Haque Akand solicited EC to acknowledge the assignment from Krishak Sramik Janata League (KSJL) Chief Kader Siddique to go after the Tangail-4 by-surveys.

Tangail-4 voting demographic fell empty after Siddique’s senior sibling Abdul Latif Siddique surrendered a month ago.

Latif Siddique had before lost his Cabinet billet and was in this way ousted from the Awami League over his hostile to Hajj tirade.

Through and through 10 persons, including four from KSJL, documented assignments for challenging the surveys.

Be that as it may, the returning officer scrapped four assignments, including that of Kader Siddique and his wife for defaulting an advance reimbursement, on Oct 13.

The Siddique couple moved the EC against the choice yet their requests were rejected after a hearing.

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