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The Most Stylist and Highest Paid Lawyer

The laws and regulations of country have to be strict enough to make the people amend their ways. Why do we hire a lawyer? Simply because we want his/her to resolve our sensitive legal issues and help us get relief. A successful and good lawyer can be the sign of success and he/she can guide is in a better way towards a successful tomorrow. He/she can deal with all legal complications on our behalf. But as a return of his/her services, he/she charges high. What a lawyer charges is dependent upon his/her skills, experience and popularity graph. Here is the intro of one of the most expensive lawyers in the world because she charges very high for her services and consultation.

Stacey Gardner definitely exemplifies the phrase “beauty with brains.” A native of Beverly Hills, California, this model has more to offer than what you first see. She graduated from Southwestern Law School and has triumphantly passed the 2005 bar exam. Since then, she became a practicing attorney. With her passion for law being pursued, she still takes the time to dabble in the worlds of sports, entertainment, and of course, fashion.

Since appearing as one of the models on the game show Deal or No Deal, Stacey Gardner has decided to take on a career in the legal arena.

Nicknamed “The Brain,” Gardner was born on November 6, 1980. Taking the world by storm with her beauty and wit, she sends chills down the spines of those in the courtroom. Her charm has also won over professional tennis player Mardy Fish, who she got married to.

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