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Power of Attorney laws in Bangladesh

Power Of Attorney Laws In Bangladesh The word ‘ Power of Attorney’ Is a very  known  term  in the legal field. In perspective of Bangladesh the term has also a great importance to lease, sell, mortgage of any property. In this article, we take a glance some common issues of Power of Attorney laws  in Bangladesh such as: What is …

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UWE Bristol full free scholarship has been awarded to Afran Ara Liza

Afran Ara Liza

Scholarships in well-reputed Universities are like hidden wonders of the world. They are hard to come by, but when opportunities knock at the footsteps of potential candidates, they leave no stones unturned to acquire the most luscious digits in their offer letters to proclaim and convey their academic excellence. As much as it is a matter of pride for such …

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A whole new dimension of whitening the black money

Following the proposed Finance Bill 2020, Parliament passed the much-expected Finance Act 2020 yesterday by the full majority. The budget of BDT 5.68 trillion was passed during the pandemic with the contamination rate and the death toll up marching every day. This budget emphasized the post COVID economy keeping in mind the financial challenges that the nation is likely to …

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Abortion – Where Law Forces A Right To An Offence

Bangladesh does not recognize ‘abortion’ as a “right”. She recognizes it as an “offence” with the term “miscarriage”. Abortion indicates the intentional termination of pregnancy. Miscarriage is the spontaneous or unplanned expulsion of a fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently. Law does not lay down any definition of miscarriage or abortion. Whether there is any …

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Judicial Activism and the Quest for Judicial Self-Restrained in Bangladesh

Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary “Court’s authority –possessed of neither the purse nor the sword – ultimately rests on sustained public confidence in its moral sanction.” (Dictum of Frankfurter, J. (dissenting) in Baker v. Carr, 369 US 186 at p. 267 (1962) “All power is, in Madison’s phrase, “of an encroaching nature”. Judicial power is not immune against encroaching beyond its …

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Male Repression Protection Ain- demand of the Age: Some fact & obstacles  in Bangladesh

Farhad Uddin Ahmed Bhuiyan It is the most important responsibility of the country to ensure all fundamental rights & equal protection of law. We all know more or less that our Constitution has given us guarantee to get equal treatment and opportunity in respect of Justice. In our constitution article 27 states that All citizens are equal before law and …

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Lock Down and Quarantine Life

In the present scenario, most of the countries has set up lock down and declared the public emergencies around the world. Almost WHO has also declared this time as “Public health Emergency” due to the pandemic of Corona Virus. Every state has announced their citizen to remain in quarantine. A quarantine is a restriction on the movement of people and …

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Death Penalty Offenses in Bangladesh

মৃত্যুদণ্ড ও আইনি ধাপ

Death eligible offenses in Bangladesh is not compiled in single law, rather it can be found in separate statutory laws which are enacted to deal with different kinds of offenses. Bangladesh legal system recognizes total 60 death eligible offenses in different laws, 42 for the ordinary people and rest 18 for the military personnel. There are six mandatory death punishments …

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Prisoner’s right to health care: Bangladesh perspective

Asma Akter In Bangladesh prisoners are deprived of their proper right in jail. Though they are also citizens of our country but they are neglected in various perspective just because of they are prisoner. Among those right prisoners are mostly deprived of their health care. Traditionally health fell within the private, rather than public, realm. Health was also understood as …

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